Mythdhr Schedule – Check Your Home Depot Schedule

Most of the visits made to the Home Depot associates site at are by people who work with Home Depot and who want to check their schedules. It is to be appreciated that Home Depot is a retail venture, one that operates outside regular hours and outside regular business days. For such operations to run, associates have to (similarly) work outside regular hours and outside regular business days. The end result is a situation where the work schedules at Home Depot are not uniform. At any given point in time, there are always some Home Depot associates at work, and some Home Depot associates off work. For individual associates, the schedules do tend to change from time to time. We ultimately have a situation where, on a regular basis, the Home Depot associates want to check their schedules. The Home Depot associates site, at, turns out to be the place where they can do that.

How to check your schedule at

The process through which you can check your schedule at is fairly straightforward. Firstly, you load the associates site. That could be by entering the URL (website address) directly. It could also be by following a bookmark or by following a link. It could, at yet another level, be by using the search engines, or by first going to the main Home Depot site, and then clicking on the ‘associates’ link.

Once you are, you need to check on the left hand side, and you will see a menu (a vertical list of links). One of those, the one at top, is labeled ‘your schedule’. You need to click on that, and you will be taken to a page where you will be required to login. Logging in (in this context) means, firstly specifying whether you are in a store or outside. Then it means entering your user ID and your password, before clicking on ‘sign in’ to access the schedule.

Things you can figure out from the schedule

From the schedule you (as a Home Depot associate) access at, you can tell:

  • When you are required to be on duty next

  • How many hours you will be working in a given duration of time

  • When you are supposed to be off duty

This information should, in turn, help you make better decisions on how to run your life (and other aspects of your life) in line with your work schedule.