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People who work for Home Depot, otherwise referred to as Home Depot associates, have access to many employer-provided benefits. One of the reasons for the existence of the Home Depot associates site, at www.mythdhr.com, is to provide such employees with general and specific (personal) information on those benefits.

Accessing the benefits page at www.mythdhr.com

In order to access the benefits page at www.mythdhr.com, you naturally need to first load the site. That you do by entering its address into your browser, following a link, or following a bookmark: the choice is really yours.

Once you are on the site (www.mythdhr.com), you will note that there is a menu on the left hand side, listing links to the various functions/resources on the site. One of those is labeled as ‘benefits’. Click on that, and you are taken to the ‘benefits’ page.

Understanding how Home Depot administers the benefits

You soon come to learn that when it comes to benefits administration, Home Depot, for the most part, partners with other companies that have the provision of those benefits as their core competencies. So when it comes to looking for information pertaining to the specific benefits, what Home Depot does is to give you links to the sites of the relevant benefits providers/administrators, where you can check the information you need, or change the details you need to change.

Accessing specific benefits page at www.mythdhr.com

Once you have accessed the Home Depot associates site at www.mythdhr.com, and accessed the main benefits page, you will see that, on the left hand side, there is a list of benefits. So you click on the link that describes the specific benefit you are interested in, to be taken to another (administrator/provider-associated) site or page where you can find details on that benefit. If, for instance, you click on health benefits, you will be taken to the Hewitt site, where upon logging in, you will be able to access the details you want. The same applies when you click on ‘financial benefits’, though, in this case, you will first be taken to another page on the associates site (www.mythdhr.com) where you will have to be more specific, by defining whether you are interested in 401k, ESPP or stock.

Examples of Home Depot benefits

Home Depot benefits offered to associates fall into several categories. There are, for instance, the normal health benefits. Then there are financial benefits, like stocks, 401ks and ESPP. There are also tuition reimbursement benefits, as well as associate discounts, to mention but just a few of them.


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