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One of the benefits that Home Depot offers to its employees is that of employee discounts. By offering its employees the discounts in question, Home Depot endeavors to show them that it cares for them, and that they really are a part of it. The discounts in question are described as ‘deep’ meaning that they amount to significant sums of money. And there are literally thousands of outlets where the Home Depot associates can access the discounts in question. When all is said and done, the employees who access and make use of these discounts save big sums of money. Those are sums of money they’d otherwise have spent shopping. Those are sums of money they gain: or, in other words, sums of money ‘they’ earn from Home Depot indirectly.

How to access the employee discounts page

It is important to note that within the Home Depot framework, the employee discounts are treated as benefits. It follows, then, that to access the employee discounts page, you have to go through the benefits page. Worth mentioning too is the fact that the associate discounts in question here, just like all the other Home Depot benefits, are administered by Hewitt, on behalf of Home Depot. So to ultimately access information on the discounts you are entitled to, you will have to go to the Hewitt website.

To access the employee discounts page, you first load the Home Depot associates site: www.mythdhr.com. Then, once you load the said Home Depot associates site, you need to look at the left hand side of the home page: where a list of links (forming a vertical menu) is provided. On that list, there are items like ‘your schedule’, ‘benefits’, ‘pay’, ‘employee self service’, ‘KnowledgeDepot’, ‘CareerDepot ‘, and so on. There, you need to click on ‘benefits’. You will then be taken to the benefits page. The main body of the benefits page has little content, but on the left hand side there is a menu, with items like ‘health benefits’, ‘financial benefits’, ‘associate discounts’, ‘tuition reimbursement’ and so on. Within this list, you need to click on ‘associate discounts’. This is the point at which you will be taken to the Hewitt site, where you will need to log in, to see the information about Home Depot employee discounts as applicable to you.

Taking advantage of www.mythdhr.com employee discounts

You need to take advantage of www.mythdhr.com employee discounts to the greatest extent possible, knowing that foregoing those benefits will essentially amount to throwing money away. You should, however, avoid a situation where in a bid to take advantage of the discounts, you spend money you shouldn’t have spent: something we see all too often where perks like these are offered. So the best advice would be for you to create a budget (just as you would in any other situation), and then see to it that in buying the things in your budget, you take the fullest advantage of the employee discounts available to you.

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