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www.mythdhr.com is a website set up by Home Depot for the benefit of its employees. It is, in other words, the Home Depot associates’ website: under a scheme where, increasingly, corporations are referring to the members of their workforces as ‘associates’. It is worth noting that upon entering www.mythdhr.com into your browser’s address bar, you are automatically redirected to https://corporate.homedepot.com/Associates/Pages/default.aspx.

Things Home Depot associates can do at www.mythdhr.com

There are many things that Home Depot associates can do at www.mythdhr.com, including:

  • Checking work schedules: this is arguably the function that brings most people to www.mythdhr.com. Through this function, people can figure out when they are supposed to be at work, and when they are supposed to off work.

  • Changing tax information: this becomes necessary when, for instance, one wants to change tax withholdings. At www.mythdhr.com, Home Depot employees can also access their tax statements.

  • Setting up direct deposit: after doing this, the employees are able to access their pay in a timelier manner and generally in a more convenient manner using their debit cards.

  • Accessing self development courses: there is a tool, accessible from www.mythdhr.com, known as KnowledgeDepot, through which Home Depot associates can access self development courses.

  • Accessing internal job openings: there is another tool, known as CareerDepot, through which Home Depot employees can access information on internal openings for both store-based and non store-based job openings.

  • Checking benefits information: Home Depot offers its employees many benefits, and information on the same can be accessed at www.mythdhr.com. This is also a portal where information pertaining to those benefits can be changed: like, say, when one’s family status changes.

Accessing www.mythdhr.com

Like any other website, www.mythdhr.com can be accessed by directly entering its address into a browser’s address bar. But as we mentioned, doing so leads to a redirection, from www.mythdhr.com to https://corporate.homedepot.com/Associates/Pages/default.aspx.. Alternatively, you can follow a link or a bookmark, if you have previously used the site. You can still make a visit to the main Home Depot site (www.homedepot.com), and once there, click on the ‘associates’ link, to be taken to the associates site in question here.

Other resources you can access from www.mythdhr.com

Once you are in www.mythdhr.com, you can access other resources, including:

  • Links to the main Home Depot website.

  • Links to the Home Depot investor relations pages and careers pages.

  • Links to the site that Home Depot has created for its suppliers (just as it has www.mythdhr.com for associates).

Using the associates resources available at www.mythdhr.com

To use most of the associates resources available at www.mythdhr.com, one needs to be logged in. You will notice that there are some resources, like the KnowledgeDepot, that can only be used in certain locations. Ultimately, when it gets to the stage of logging in, one is required to specify the location they are in (whether it is a Home Depot store or not), and then enter a user ID and password to log in. Thereafter, one can access the Home Depot Employee Self Service portal, and perform functions that would, in its absence, have probably necessitated visits to the Home Depot HR offices.

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