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A good number of the people who pay visits to the Home Depot associates site at www.mythdhr.com turn out to be people who have pay-related issues. This is understandable, seeing that one of the reasons as to why www.mythdhr.com was set up was to make it possible for the Home Depot associates to do for themselves things that would have previously forced them to go to HR offices. Those, naturally, include things to do with pay.

Pay-related functions you can perform at www.mythdhr.com

There are many pay-related functions that Home Depot employees/associates can perform at www.mythdhr.com, including:

  • Accessing their pay statements: through these statements, one can tell how much they have earned, over a given duration of time. It is also possible, by visiting www.mythdhr.com, to know whether or not one has been paid for a given duration of time, and when to expect the next paycheck.

  • Setting up direct deposit: newly hired Home Deposit associates may want to set up direct deposit, so that the money they earn from the company is loaded into their debit cards, and then can use the cards to shop or to withdraw the money from ATM machines. The setting up of the direct deposit is done at www.mythdhr.com.

  • Setting up payroll card functionality: those who don’t want to use direct deposit through ordinary debit cards can use the Payroll Card. Once one has obtained a Payroll Card, the place to activate it (if they are Home Depot associates) is at www.mythdhr.com.

  • Change pay deductions: some of the deductions that Home Depot employees have to grapple with are mandatory: like the taxes. There are, however, others that are optional. An example here is that of those that go into the Homer Fund. Now by visiting www.mythdhr.com, the Home Deposit employees who hadn’t yet enrolled for the Homer Fund can do so. Similarly, the Home Deposit employees who had enrolled previously can either increase or reduce the amount of money that is deducted from their paychecks, towards the Homer Fund.

How to perform the pay-related functions at www.mythdhr.com

To perform most of the pay-related functions at www.mythdhr.com, you need to log into the site. From www.mythdhr.com homepage, you can click on the ‘pay’ item on the menu found on the left hand side, then, once you are on the pay page, you will find a menu on the left hand side, with items like ‘view pay statements’, direct deposit/payroll card, w-2 statements… and so on. So you click on the one that is related to what you want to do. Then you are taken to the login page, where upon providing the right login credentials, you are taken to the page where you can access the pay-related information you need, or where you can perform the pay-related function you want to perform.

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